Detailed & Creative

We shoot, paint, design, composite, edit and animate 2D|3D pixels.  Learn more about our capabilities below.


Shoot in 4k, multi camera shoots, gimbals, drone aerials, cinematic lighting, grip, cinema lens


Real-time editing in 4k, professional voice talent, color grading, graphics, mobile client review


Nuke Studio suite, composite live action with 3D elements, grading, real-time preview in 4k

Motion Graphics

Intros, animate logo 2D|3D, animated titles, lower thirds, particles, simulated 3D elements

Motion Capture

Wireless motion capture, on location mobile setup, BVH export, streamline character animation


Model characters, clothes, custom rigs, re-targeting mocap, cloth sims, face rigs, lip sync


Model in 3D from reference images, create UV’s, optimized for rigging, Mari texture workflow

Cloud Render

 Arnold render in Maya / Houdini,  cloud rendering on Zinc, can scale to 500 virtual machines

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