Strategy to Vision

We shoot, design, model, paint, composite, edit, and animate 2d|3d pixels.

Video Production Houston

We create video content that communicates your business strategy to your target customers.

At Pixel Lab Media, we create videos & digital films for businesses in Houston and the surrounding cities. Contact us to discuss how we can develop an effective video strategy for your business.

Call (832) 333-7446 Video Production Houston

Full Service Film and Video Production

We provide full service film & video production from script to vision. This means we handle everything from concept to completion.

We create videos & digital films for websites, social media pages, online ads, Vimeo channels, tradeshow marketing, video kiosk and TV commercials.

3d Animation and Compositing

We have in-house 3d animation and compositing services. This means we understand how to combine 3d elements seamlessly with video.

Pixels are the basic building blocks of a digital image.

Digital media content is everywhere and everyone is connected to some type of delivery device. If you’re not already engaging your customers with content about your brand, products, or training you should probably start now.

We make online mobile friendly videos.
  • Brand Stories
  • Product Launch Videos
  • Explainer Videos
  • Corporate Videos
  • Event Coverage
  • Training Videos
  • TV Commercials

We will guide you thru the process and develop a solid production plan based on the project.

Our process starts at the discovery meeting with clients.

Then we move through pre-production, digital film production, post production, review, and final delivery.

We use cinematography, photography, 2D/3D motion graphics, 3D animation, compositing, and editing to develop the story.

Check out our Workflow and Inside the Lab pages to see what where working on.

It’s important to shoot footage based on how it will be edited and composited, this is especially true for compositing 3d assets with live footage.

We utilize the most recent production gear and stay up-date on software licenses from Avid, BaseLight, Autodesk, SideFX, The Foundry, Pixel Farm, and Adobe. This ensures we have the right tool for the project. We are always learning something new!